Mentions & acknowledgements

(If you are interested) you can easily find citations of my academic work by using, say, Google Scholar or Semantic Scholar. This is not what this page is about, though. 😁

This is not even about my development work. 😅

What this page is about is a number of (somewhat unexpected) academic citations, mentions or acknowledgements of my “collateral work”, some of which you can find on the &c page of this site. The reason I’m listing them here is precisely the fact that they are about my collateral work, in which I must have attained a certain level of reputation to make me worth citing. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Also, because they cite e-prints of mine, personal communications or private contributions, they are not so easy to find via the above scholarly search engines.

So, here they are… mostly for the benefit of my wife and kids, who probably think I’m wasting far too much time on this sort of intellectual peregrinations of mine.

Books and articles citing my lateral self